I am what one would call a techno-gadget-geek. I have a strong apetite for anything electronics particularly for those that fit in my pocket and in the trunk of my car. I am somewhat of an inventor – thinking of ways and means to making life of an average human-being more technology driven (in other words making it complex). My hobbies include, robotics, study AI, play chess, gardening during spring and summer, hibernate during winter, among others. I love traveling and meeting people, understanding their culture, country, etc. My wife and I have two kids and we love country farm side living (what are the odds a techno-geek living around the country side). I have a Bachelors in Zoology, and a Post Graduation in Computer Science and a ton of apetite to learn what I love.

I have 16+ yrs experience in software development and architecture – pretty much all of it in the Microsoft Platform space. I started my apetite back in 1986 with my home computer – “Sinclair ZX Spectrum+”. A ROM-BASIC computer that gave me a ton of exposure to programming and writing low level applications to talk to the core system and devices. I still have that home computer framed up in my office. Then in 1989, I moved into the PC world with a PC-XT 20MB harddisk, 640KB RAM, a 5.1/4 floppy disk drive (that config was the best one can get). My smart watch has lot more power than that PC now. It is funny.  I used  a few very select books to support my learning. Peter Norton’s Programmer’s Guide to the IBM PC/PS2, Ray Duncan’s Advanced DOS Programming in Assembly and Keith O’Brien’s Programming in Pascal were a few of my favorites. They used to go w/ me whereever I went. Nowadays, my hardware stack is pretty well stocked up and is state-of-the-art. Thanks to my employer.

My favorite current technologies include, .Net 2/3.0, Web 2.0, Windows Vista, “Longhorn” (I dogfood both of these), IIS7, and of course, Visual Studio 2005 and what’s coming later. I am also a strong infrastructure guy – meaning, help building Enterprise IT infrastructure both software and hardware. Software infrastructure includes components such as Core Frameworks, Business Frameworks, Process Load balancing, 24/7-Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR), etc. Also, helping setup what Microsoft Platforms can help resolve an Enterprise IT pain point. Our solns such as Microsoft-Operations Manager (MOM) and the upcoming System Center-Operations Manager 2007 (SC-OM), Config Manager 2007 (earlier SMS), Exchange Server 2007, etc are all geared toward solving a major customer pain point. My role is to help describe the powers of these products and platforms to our partners and customers and help deploy and be successful at solving day-to-day problems.

Other interests include, Writing Device Drivers (WDM), Assembly Programming, Robotics programming via Parallax-Propeller MultiProcessor using a language called SPIN, rigging my BMW car up w/ Microsoft Vista running true PC in the trunk and dash, and others.



Professionally, I am a Program Manager at Microsoft in the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division. I manage and lead the efforts of technical adoption of Microsoft Platforms and Technologies by our Global Independant Software Vendors (GISVs). Microsoft has about 77,000+ partners worldwide and that list is growing ever so rapidly. My org focuses on the top 150 GISVs (partners) that fall under a certain criteria (yes, their revenue plays a huge role in the decision making formula). You can imagine the amout of focus/funding/effort our group is investing on these 150 GISVs. It is simply amazing to see how strongly Microsoft believes in our partners and what they do with our platforms and technologies.My charter is to work with a few of these 150 partners worldwide. It is exciting every day. Making a difference in how our partners add value to our platforms. We bring the platform and technologies, while our partners bring huge amount of enterprise business expertise to the table and together we help our mutual custmers. It is worth noting that there’s some significant amount of Microsoft revenue that is influenced my our partners. The bottom line is our Customers and then Revenue to both Microsoft and our Partners.

My role is part technical and part business. I can’t do my job satisfactorily and effectively without that mix. To push technology adoption, one must understand the business model and how it impacts the bottom line. And, to promote business, you need technology. When understood well and planned well, this is a perfect marriage.

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