Testing the AC4790 and Propeller Interface w/ ALIBE Homebase Command Center

In this post, I wanted to detail how I tested the interface I developed earlier on (described here). The objective is to write the needed code for the Propeller chip (in SPIN language) and make it send and receive data to and from the AC4790 CB. And also, write the startings of the Command Center application in VB.Net that should evolve into a fully functional Command Center that ALIBE will communicate and exchange data with.

The Setup:

  1. The homebase command center is made up of one of the AC4790 Dev Boards hooked up to my laptop.
  2. The laptop runs the Homebase Command Center (CC) VB.Net app that keeps communication channel w/ ALIBE and exchanges data to/from
  3. The ALIBE has my AC4790 on my Carrier Board (CB) that is controlled by the Propeller chip.
    1. ALIBE’s AC4790 is “reactive” – meaning it waits to see data from command center and then responds to it
    2. It does not send any data proactively
  4. The Propeller runs the required SPIN code to control the AC4790 – meaning processes incoming data FROM AC4790 and sends data TO AC4790

The Code: 

    NOTE: All links below are intentionally named as “.doc” extensions. Right click on the links and select “Save As…” and save it as “.ZIP” file, and Extract before using

  • Please note that no commenting yet on my code. But will have something soon
    • This SPIN code is fairly standalone and does nothing but the 3 and 4 above.
    • This VB.Net Project is the initial makings of the Command Center (CC) that does 2 above.
    • This Movie file showcases the above working. Essentially, the follows:
      • CC sends command data as TEXT (for now) over the air TO the CB onboard ALIBE
      • CB onboard ALIBE receives this data
      • Propeller onboard ALIBE receives this data via SerialIn, Simply adds “+” to the end of the text (Process) and sends the data back Over the air to CC.

     Still more work left, this is just one small step ahead in hopefully in the right direction




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